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Cyberspace Ministry - Top Christian Sites

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1 Spurgeonís Daily Devotionals - Morning and Evening
0 19
Spurgeonís many writings and brilliant sermons are still widely published today, testifying to his timeless appeal. His classic «Morning and Evening» continues to be a popular daily devotional even today. Read his thoughtful meditations twice a day!
2 Weekly Bible Wordoku
0 18
Each week, Cyberspace Ministry issues a new Wordoku, a fascinating and edifying Bible puzzle for the whole family. Collections of puzzles are also available, for hours of fun! This week's puzzle awaits you, take up the challenge!
3 The Moment of Truth
0 16
The Moment of Truth is a fantastic illustrated odyssey in the very heart of the Bible. It will help you study the Bible in a systematic way. Lesson after lesson, you will discover the wonderful treasures hidden in the Word of God.

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Rank Title and Description In Out
4 A Gift for Everyone - Spiritual Gifts Assessment
0 16
What gifts has the Holy Spirit given you? Our online Spiritual Gifts Assessment will help you discover your gifts, and learn how to use them. This way, you will better know the mission God is calling you to fulfill in His harvest.
5 Wordoku Biblique Hebdomadaire
0 15
Chaque semaine, Cyberspace Ministry publie un nouveau Wordoku, un puzzle biblique captivant et édifiant pour toute la famille. Des recueils sont aussi disponibles, pour des heures de plaisir! Le puzzle de cette semaine vous attend, relevez le défi!