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Submit a prayer request, pray for others, and encourage others.

Rank Title and Description In Out
51 Spirit of Hosea - Marriage Divorce & Remarriage
0 1

Sermons and Radio Broadcasts from, A Christian Website concerning marriage, divorce and remarriage. We encourage the restoration of Biblical marriages through unconditional forgiveness.
52 Just the Word
0 1

A site for people who haven't studied the Bible extensively, and would like to know what the Word of God says about a particular subject.
53 Chat Cristiano de Ozonez
0 1

Chat Cristiano para personas de habla Hispana. Christian Chat for Spanish speaking people.
54 Los Mejores Sitios Cristianos
0 1

Ministerios cristianos, Páginas personales, Radios Cristianas, Músicos y Cantantes... Los mejores sitios cristianos.
55 Word Land
0 1

Word Land is a site that brings knowledge, wisdom and spiritual insights. It will challenge ones beliefs, traditions, and understandings. Its teachings are based on the Old and New Testament as the verbal inspired Word of God.
56 The Olive Branch
0 1

Our purpose is to encourage all to come into a deeper understanding of what God has done for us through Christ, with anointed teachings, Scripture studies, ladies studies, topical studies, faith filled prayers, confessions, and Christian resources.
57 The Apocalypse - 2012 - New Time | God - is Time
0 1

Apocalypse. Deciphering the Book of Revelation St.John. Number 666. Unknown 17 years of a life of Jesus Christ. Calendar of Time prior to beginning the Golden Age. 2012 Apocalypse Theory, etc.
58 Richardlindsays
0 1

Christian links for family living.
59 Believer In
0 1

A social networking site for online fellowship and theology.
60 Bokay Morija
0 1
Son objectif est de tenir informer le plus grand nombre qu'il soit à l'étranger ou dans l'incapacité de se déplacer. Cet outil participe à une évangélisation sans frontières.
61 Confirming 'Signs' in the Gospel of John
0 1

'I am' sayings of Jesus, corresponding details in his birth, and corresponding 'signs' in his works (miracles). How these elements form a menorah structure. ‘I am’ sayings of Jesus reflected in stories of Rachel, Joseph, and Peter.
62 Homeschool Haven Topsites
0 1

Welcome to Homeschool Haven Topsites. Homeschool resources for the whole family!
63 Bible Truth Online
0 1

Providing you with in-depth commentary and insight into various Bible topics all free of charge. We are always looking for insight and truth as we study the Word of God and would like to reach out to others walking the path of faith with Our Lord.
64 How God Provides - Inspirational Words, Meaningful Quotes, And More.
0 1
Discover God through inspirational Bible verses, meaningful quotes, inspirational words, and Christian articles.
65 Teaching of the Word
0 1
A Christian Social Network Site.
66 Golden Dove Topsites
0 1

Top 25 Golden Dove Sites. Welcome to all!
67 Family Top 100
0 1

Top 100 Family Sites - ranked and updated every 30 minutes. Separate lists for Parenting, Health, Cooking, Education, Sports, Music, Travel and Religion.
68 Youth Patch
0 1
A place for today's teens to belong, be encouraged and nurtured.

An oasis for hurting or lonely, looking for answers
69 The Path to Light
0 1

Practical reflections on the Bible & applying them to daily living for Christian study and growth. Daily Christian News Updates, etc.
70 Christian Videos Site
0 1
Watch and share christian inspirational music ministry videos at
71 History of the Bible
0 1

We at History of the Bible endeavour to compile the most robust collection of information about the history of the most popular book ever made - The Bible.
72 PrayBuddy
0 1

Submit a prayer request, pray for others, and encourage others.
73 Christ List Topsites
0 1

Die christliche Top List im Internet. Christian music mp3, live radio, poetry, churches, ministries, politic, talks...
74 Christian Top 1000
0 1

Christian Top 1000 - The ultimate Christian directory - The best Christian websites in the world. Come in and take a look!
75 Spirit Live Radio
0 1

Spirit Live ist ein christliches Webradio & Live Chat - 24 Stunden tolle christliche Musik & spannende Beiträge. - Spirit Live is a christian web radio & chat - 24 hours beautiful christian music & exciting sermons.

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