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Site Of the Moment:
Jesus is the only truth!
Jesus is the Only TRUTH! Uplifting the King James Bible and the name of Jesus Christ in these Last Days. Stand up for Jesus!

Rank Title and Description In Out
1 El Momento de la Verdad
0 5

El Momento de la Verdad es un curso de 41 lecciones, que le ayudará a estudiar la Biblia de manera sistemática a su propio paso. Descubrirá los maravillosos tesoros que se encuentran en la Palabra de Dios.
2 Preaching Tools
0 4

Welcome to Preaching Tools - Net Top 100 Websites. Sermon Preparation for Pastor and Leaders.
3 Fish the Net
0 4

Fish the Net - The Evangelistic Tackle Box! A Christian search engine with a virtual boatload of evangelistic information useful to any Net evangelist.

Cyberspace Ministry - At Your Service!

Rank Title and Description In Out
4 Quest for God's Armor
0 3

Quest for God's Armor is an exciting game that challenges 1 to 4 players to assemble the six parts of the Armor of God. Up to 6,550 Bible questions are available in 14 different categories. Be prepared for spiritual battles along the way!
5 The Best on the Web for Teachers
0 2

We offer free 27,000+ lesson plans, 6500+ free worksheets and printables, 1000+ teacher downloads, 80 teaching themes, teaching tips, and a ton of free web tools for teachers.
6 Spreading The Good News
0 2

Christians Spreading The Good News - Good News for Christians! Live God Word!
7 God's Grace Saves - ABC'S of Salvation
0 2

God's gift to us is everlasting life through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We must have Faith, Accept, Believe and Confess Our Lord Jesus. If you need prayer check out the prayer request.
8 Growing Deeper
0 2

"Growing Deeper" is a Christian website where Jesus Christ is God, a page for world-wide fellowship, praise and worship. There is an Israel part included. It is a reach-out to this world to get to know Jesus Christ, our Saviour whom we follow.
9 Top Bible Sites
0 2

Top list of Bible and Christian websites.
10 The New Bible - Online
0 2

The New Bible is not only the coronation of the Old and New Testament. It is our Anchor of Salvation for the new era on earth.

Cyberspace Ministry - Online Bible Lessons

Rank Title and Description In Out
11 Outils Éducatifs pour Professeurs Chrétiens
0 2

Nous offrons une multitude d'outils éducatifs pour professeurs chrétiens. Des jeux bibliques, des leçons bibliques illustrées, des bandes dessinées chrétiennes, des plans de lecture de la Bible, et bien d'autres choses encore!
12 Yesharim
0 2

For Zion sake I will not be silent!
13 Beracah Family
0 2

We are a youth movement of the end time. Our Mission is to unite the youth to prepare the way of our Lord Jesus Christ.
14 Blessings Topsites
0 2

Top Christian family sites including homeschooling, prayer, ministry, modest clothing, Bible study, books and more!
15 All 4 Teens Top Sites
0 2
All 4 Teens Top Sites: Reach and Change the World!
16 Adam's Web
0 2

A Christian Veterans personal site. 100 plus pages professing love and Christ and Country.
17 Christliche Topliste
0 2

Christliche Topliste.
18 Glimpses of God
0 2
For all faiths - promoting worship, praise, hope, brotherhood, unity and love.
19 Top Cristiano Amistad
0 2

Top Cristiano Amistad - Los mejores sitios cristianos en la red, añade el tuyo.
20 Evangelism Tackle Box Topsites
0 2

Free Christian online churches, Jesus Christ music, lyrics, poetry, mp3 downloads.
21 Creciendo en Cristo
0 2

Ministerio Juvenil para las naciones, estudios, reflexiones, articulos.
22 Notas Biblicas
0 2

Recursos Cristianos, Directorio de Enlaces, Chat Cristiano, Cadena de Oración y Selectos Temas Religiosos. Bienvenido!
23 Bokay Morija
0 1
Son objectif est de tenir informer le plus grand nombre qu'il soit à l'étranger ou dans l'incapacité de se déplacer. Cet outil participe à une évangélisation sans frontières.
24 Good Character Education Top Sites
0 1

Welcome to Good Character Education Top Sites.
25 Top Site Chrétien
0 1

Top Site Chrétien. Sites chrétiens francophones de partout à travers le monde!

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